Thursday Thoughts - Feb 27, 2014

Some random thoughts for your Thursday:

1. Just so you know, a toddler has no idea whether they are decorating sugar cookies before Valentine's Day, or if you got a sugar cookie decorating kit on clearance on Feb. 17. She will make a mess and lick the frosting off all the cookies just as if it weren't a few days late. And that is good, because nothing seems to be happening on time at our house lately. 

2. A great idea right before you are about to have a baby is to start refinishing a couple nightstands. My husband and I have done some furniture refinishing in the past and we've always used the real nasty, wear-special-gloves-and-work-outside-with-long-sleeves-for-protection stripper but being pregnant, I decided to use the electric sander route. For the record - nasty stripper is faster and more effective, in my opinion, but after a couple weeks of working sporadically on them, the nightstands are almost done.

 3. Sick-mageddon hit our house this past weekend, the same weekend my husband and I decided to bite the bullet and finish off Amelia's kitchen set that we've been working on the the past couple months. This meant that not only did we have an inconsolable toddler, but we were also were tripping over all the tools, screws, paint rollers, and random wood pieces we had brought in the house Friday night to finish things off. My husband calls this project, "the dumbest thing we've ever done." Needless to say, he's a little tired of working on it at this point. Hopefully I'll have finished pictures of it in the next couple weeks.

 4. Less than 4 weeks to go, and I'm calling it. My jacket has officially made it through the winter. We're into the 40s and 50s now, so it won't be so bad if I stop being able to zip it up at this point. I'm debating writing a letter to Patagonia to tell them to market their coat as maternity coat, too.

 5. The best way I've found to let dough rise is to heat your oven to 200 degrees, turn it off and put the dough in there to rise in the nice, warm environment. Unless, of course, you forget you have dough rising in the oven and accidentally start to bake it while you heat up the oven to make lunch for your toddler. I'm chalking this one up to pregnancy brain.

Have a great week!

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I think Ava would love these! Time to go to the store!

I bet she would! Amelia is crazy about them.

oh my gosh...did that kitchen set come out cute! she looks like she loves it too! Awe...Nicole...you look so cute! Lets hope the weather cooperates with you not being able to zip...good thing you don't live here...highs in single digits today. brrrr.

You look fantastic at 8 months pregnant! Love that coat too - you should email them! Have a wonderful weekend, and hope the sickness stays away!

Oh yum. These look incredible, and all of my favorite flavor combos!!

Wow, what an awesome flavor combo! I'm totally making these for an easy lunch one day :)

I can't wait to see that play kitchen complete. Omg, you're so cute preggo- it's all belly and nothing else! That's totally what I do when my dough needs to rise too, and I'm surprised I haven't started cooking it yet, by mistake!

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