I'm the mother of the cutest little baby girl on the planet and married to a complete geek who is perfect for me. I met my husband living in Minnesota after grad school and we moved to Utah shortly after getting married for my husband's schooling. I work at a cancer research institute by day and cook/clean/blog/kiss chubby cheeks/change diapers/pick up blocks/photograph by night.

This blog was started as a collaboration with a close friend as a way to keep in touch and record our favorite recipes. Although I was reluctant to start (who wants to spend time taking pictures of their food before they eat?), it has turned into a project I love. I love having my favorite recipes all in one place, an excuse to find new favorites, and sharing recipes with family and friends.

My feelings about food are that it should taste good and be made from scratch. I like knowing what goes into the meals I feed my family. I don't find most convenience foods to be all that convenient or tasty. I don't tend to use fussy ingredients (most of the time) or make overly elaborate things (most of the time) but I do try to be healthy (most of the time). My recipes come from favorite cookbooks, people I'm close to, people I run down at potlucks and force recipes from, other websites, and my own crazy mind. Hope you find something here that will help you with the perpetual question of what to have for dinner. (Or dessert, or a snack or lunch . . . )

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