Thursday Thoughts - August 1, 2013

Some random thoughts for your Thursday: 

1. Amelia loves the pantry. What's not to love? There are lots of colorful boxes in there that make cool noises when you shake them and sometimes she can sneak out a few crackers. Sneaky crackers always taste better than crackers on a high chair tray. Since there are plenty of things that mom and dad wouldn't like her playing with, most bottles and open containers have gradually migrated to upper shelves. After a month or so of this (and no, mom and dad are NOT very good about keeping the door shut on the pantry) this is what the pantry looked like:

After a trip to Dollar Tree, this is our pantry now: 
Things Amelia shouldn't get into are on upper shelves and tucked away out of reach. Plus, this is more motivation to keep the pantry door shut. :) 

2. I had no idea watermelon stained clothing. Boo.

3. Desk refinishing project is finished. This will be the last one for a little while, but it is our favorite so far. 
Here are some before pics: 

And here are some after pics:

Hope you all have a great week!

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Love your pantry re-organization! How long did it stay that neat? ;) the desk looks amazing! What do you guys put on it after you stain it?

You need to go into the refinishing business. That desk is gorgeous! I can't believe how organized you got your pantry, and the Dollar Tree had everything you needed! That shirt was way too cute to be stained!

Watermelon stains drive me nuts! A soak in oxyclean and using "Grandma's Spot Remover" (from Hobby Lobby) often works for me. My kiddos like to "juice" their watermelon - so this is a constant battle for me. :)

Okay, Amelia does the same thing! I keep telling her it's much tastier if she didn't squeeze all the juice out first. That's good to know about the oxyclean and spot remover. I'll give it a try!

It has stayed neat almost a week. I'm pretty motivated now that it looks good. It used to be neat before Amelia could reach things. :)

We put on a wipe-on poly finish by Minwax after staining. It's very forgiving and I love that it looks natural. We put on four coats of it.

Your re-organized pantry looks awesome! I'm inspired to get ours organized - thanks!

Thank you! Good luck on your own! I really would check out Dollar Tree. I looked all over for baskets that would work well and these were in their closet organization section. They are by far the cheapest basket option I found, and since the sides are straight there is no wasted space between them. The pattern was a little busier than I would have liked but I'm getting used to it. :)

Ohhh awesome idea for the organization! I might have to see if dollar tree has these thingies here...

I am so envious of your pantry - both the before and after shots! We don't have one, so food is spread in a million different places. Definitely on my "must have" list for our next house! Oh, and that desk?? Gorgeous!!

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