Roast Beef Aus Jus Sandwiches

I remember growing up, every Sunday we'd leave for church returning to a home that magically smelled of heaven. Heaven being the smell of roast beef simmering away in the crock pot! I love slow roasted beef, with gravy and mashed potatoes or on sandwiches, it's my idea of heaven. So this recipe is a variation of the one that I grew up on. The aus jus sauce is just the liquid you let your roast cook in. Trust me, it's WAY better than the McCormick powdery stuff that you just add water. So whether you leave for work, church, play when you put this recipe in the crock pot and arrive home hours later, get ready for your mouth to start watering!

Roast Beef Aus Jus Sandwiches
(Recipe from ourbestbites.com & my mom's kitchen)

2 lb Roast Beef
2 tbsp Olive Oil
salt and pepper
2 envelopes Onion Soup mix
2 cans Beef Broth
6 large buns (I look for the hoagie buns in the bakery)
Provolone cheese

Here's what you'll need:
First you'll want to seer your roast beef. In a large skillet heat up the 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Then salt and pepper your roast and carefully put your beef down in the skillet. If you hear a loud sizzle then you know you are doing the right thing. Allow each side of the beef to seer for at least 2 minutes.
Then put the roast in your crock pot.
Pour the water over the roast, then sprinkle the onion soup, and pour the beef broth over it. Then, super hard, let sit in your crock pot for hours (or you can do 4 or 6 hours too)

Once the roast is cooked, take it out and shred it (it will literally fall right apart effortlessly). Generously spread some of the shredded beef on to the rolls. Put some cheese on top of them and broil for about 3-5 minutes (watch carefully because they'll burn).
Pour some of the broth into a bowl and dip your yummy sandwich, then put it in your mouth. Yeah, I know---heaven right??!!!

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