Welcome, Clara!

As you might had guessed from my last post, I've taken a couple weeks from posting to welcome this little one to our family:

 We're pretty smitten with her and I'm loving being home with her and Amelia right now. I'll be back next week with some recipes for you!

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Oh she's beautiful!! Congrats to you and your family!! Does Amelia love her or what?? Awe!

Congratulations, Nicole! Ciara is just beautiful, and I love that photo of her with big sister Amelia. Adorable!

She's beautiful!! Congratulations! :D

Yay!!! What a cutie, Nicole :) She looks just like Amelia...well her eyes at least. What a beautiful addition to your family. Congrats again!!!

Oh my goodness!!! She is adorable. I've been in a blog fog I think, because either I didn't know, or I had completely forgotten that you were expecting! My first two were only 17 months apart, and we definitely went through a phase of EXTRA naughtiness while my oldest figured out I was still available as needed. It was frustrating, but pretty short lived in the grand scheme of things. Clara is so darling, and what a beautiful name! Congrats to the Moss family!

Congratulations, Nicole! (Sorry this is so late, I'm way behind on my food blog reading.) I hope you and your family are having a lovely Easter!

Oh my goodness! I just scrolled your page and saw this little angel. She is so beautiful. I just love babies and that picture of her all curled up. Congratulations!!

Oh, I'm dreadfully behind on my blog reading. What a scrumptious baby! Love those beautiful photos and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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