Thursday Thoughts - Jan 16, 2014

 Some random thoughts for your Thursday:

1. If you've ever wondered what the "behind the scenes" of food photography at my house looks like, here is a good taste of it. I have a very "helpful" toddler.

2. Is there anything cuter that a kid all dressed up in snow gear? 

3. My daughter rejects homemade chocolate chip cookies but eats hummus straight from the container. Yes, she is a weirdo.

4. My sister sent me a sourdough starter and a sourdough crock for Christmas! I've always been nervous about keeping sourdough alive but so far it has been easy. 

This recipe for sourdough pizza dough from King Arthur is reason alone to get a starter. It is delicious, and uses the unfed starter that you usually throw away each week when you feed it. We've had pizza every week since Christmas and our whole family couldn't be happier about that. 

Hope you have a great week!

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oh my gosh, Amelia is so stinking cute! <3

I love when I haven't checked up on my blogs in a while and the most recent thing for me to comment on is a life update :) I love the little glimpses into what's been going on. :)

What?? I didn't know you could use the unfed starter!! I've declared 2014 as the year of sourdough for me - I'll have to check out that pizza link!

It really is life changing, almost, isn't it? They have several recipes on there that use unfed starter. I've tried the pizza and pretzels. The pretzels were okay. The pizza dough is great. It has just a slight tang to it that I really like. Hope you like it!

Thanks, Ashley! I like that when I'm reading other blogs, too. :)

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