Thursday Thoughts - Sept 12, 2013

Some random thoughts for your Thursday:

1. I think it is a privilege to be able to teach my little one things I don't want to be forgotten. She has no idea why we put up the flag yesterday, but she clapped at it blowing in the wind and someday I'll teach her why we take a minute to remember the people who died on September 11. I hope her generation doesn't have a similar "where were you when" moment. 

2. Apparently Amelia has a "friend" who is a biter. And a darn good one. You know the boo boo hurts when she doesn't even try to get the band-aid off. Given that a different "friend" is a scratcher, Amelia is looking pretty rough these days, poor thing.

3. I bought 22 pounds of peaches this past weekend. Fresh, local peaches are just about the best thing on the planet. I've been eating 2-3 peaches a day ever since I bought them and I still can't get enough. Though, seriously, there are probably still about 19 pounds left and I'm going to have to start getting creative about how to use them up. Has anyone tried peach fruit leather?

4. In case you didn't see it on my Facebook post, my friends over at Grain Crazy wrote a cookbook! Every time I go to their site I get inspiration on how to eat healthier. Check them out, and if you visit by the end of today you can still enter to win a copy of their cookbook here

Have a great week!

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Thank you for the shout-out! You are so sweet!
Amelia is just the cutest little thing. And I need to buy some peaches myself. Those look amazing.

I will drop off some peaches to you if you want. If you are crazy like me and want a whole boxful, I got mine at Macey's. They are a great deal this week.

That photo of Amelia with that flag is just adorable. Let's definitely hope our kids don't have to experience a tragedy like 9/11 ever. I haven't tried peach fruit leather, but it's gotta be good! I think freezing sliced peaches would be a great way to enjoy them over the winter months, too. I hope little Amelia steers clear of the biters and scratchers!

Love all those peaches!! Yep, when my daughter was in day care there was a kid who actually got "expelled" because he would bite kids - he bit Hannah's BACK one time - it was so weird getting her into her pajamas and seeing teeth marks in her back. :(

Off to check out that link - have a great weekend Nicole!

I just tried my hand at peach (with a couple of nectarines thrown in) leather last week. I made a mistake and cooked it too long and ended up with crunchy, peach chips, essentially. But it was still good! And I'd do it again, but the right way (less cooking time!) next time.

Oooh, good to know! Did you cook it in the oven on really low? (Like 150ish?) That's what I was going to try and see how it went.

Thanks for the link! I will try it out. And set a timer. :)

Our local peaches this year have been disappointing. Too cool, too much rain. I can usually eat a bunch if they are good! Peaches freeze great. Then you will have them all winter!

Oh gosh, poor thing on the friend! Time for a new friend, I think!

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