Thursday Thoughts - August 8, 2013

Some random thoughts for your Thursday:

1. Many of you probably already know this, but did you know you can sign up to be a recipe tester for Cook's Country and Cook's Illustrated? I signed up a while ago and although some of the recipes are things I don't care to eat (or buy ingredients for) I've tried a couple solid recipes that I'm going to make again and again. We tried one recipe tonight for dinner and I'm still thinking about those leftovers in the fridge calling to me. If you are interested in signing up, go here.

2. This finally happened this past week:

My husband and I were starting to wonder if she was going to crawl onto the bus for her first day of school. Girlfriend was just not that interested in walking on her own. She went from taking zero steps to walking the length of a room in one day. You can always tell when she has let go of something and started walking because she screams like she's on the downhill side of a roller coaster and barrels full speed ahead. 

3. Something else Amelia learned this past week? Biting. Not cool. Not even a little bit. 

4. I made not one, but two zucchini recipes this week that are total keepers. So excited to share them. No, I don't have a garden. But sometimes I buy a ton of zucchini at one time so I can pretend like I do. Are you swamped in produce right now? 

Have a great week! 

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Congrats, Amelia!!! Love her little waddle there :)

Yay Amelia - congratulations on those first steps! She's too cute!

Yay for Amelia!! Next step, drivers license. Hold on tight mom, these years go by swiftly!

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