Thursday Thoughts - July 18, 2013

1. Thanks for all the suggestions of what to do with my eggplant last week. They all looked so good. Amelia got sick this past week and threw my schedule out of whack so my poor eggplant is still waiting in my fridge for me to get around to cooking it. Hopefully soon!

2. If you need an easy, delicious slow cooker recipe in your life, try this balsamic pork. I think I'm still dreaming about it.

3. This little guy somehow found his way into my life:

I wonder if there is an official diagnosis for a furniture refinishing obsession. 

4. How do babies and toddlers know when something is not meant to be a toy? It seems like those items are always the favorites. Amelia has been obsessed lately with my kitchen timer. All the buttons beep when you press them which never ceases to fascinate her. She got a few stuck down and it beeped constantly and she thought it was the best thing ever. Mom did not.  

5. Are you insanely hot where you are? I'm used to Utah being hot in July, but it's muggy too, which is weird. I feel like I'm back in Minnesota but without the mosquitos. 

Hope you all have a great week!

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Sorry to hear Amelia got sick! Hope you can get to your eggplant soon. That balsamic pork looks AMAZING. I just love my balsamic. Kids do know when things aren't toys, don't they? They always want what we don't buy for them! lol

yay for more furniture refinishing!!! Can't wait to see it finished :) I can't wait til we move into our house so I can start buying old furniture ;)

Happy Thursday, Nicole! I'm sure that little furniture beauty will look absolutely FABULOUS when you get through with it!
Tracey @ The Kitchen is My Playground

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