Thursday Thoughts - June 6, 2013

Random thoughts for your Thursday:

1. Amelia turned one! She thoroughly enjoyed opening presents and eating cake. I baked both a chocolate cake and a pound cake and the pound cake won hands down. Looks like Amelia has her mom's love of butter. I'll be sharing the recipe for the pound cake later this week. It's one of my favorites.

2. Know those tire shreds you sometimes see on the freeway? My car tried to play PacMan with a nearly full one. It lost. Given that this is the second piece of road debris that has flown at my bumper in the past month, I'm thinking my car is trying to kill itself. 

3. Have you ever had a bad thing happen that you actually ended up feeling lucky about? I feel pretty darn lucky about hitting that tire. I was in the car with Amelia when it happened and things could have been much worse. When I called my sister to tell her about it, she told me about an accident that had happened to her the day before where a beam fell and hit her in the forehead. She was feeling lucky, too, because she was on scaffolding at the time and the accident could have been much worse. It's weird to think that getting your forehead glued back together or a giant repair on your car can make you feel lucky, but sometimes it can. 

4. The hutch is still not finished, but it's close! This is the bottom part. It has a couple coats of finish on it already. The top . . . is bare wood still needing sanding. But hey, it's progress. 


Have a great week, everyone!

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Awww, Amelia is so cute! First birthdays are so special. I can't believe how old my boys are now (11 and 9). Time flies...enjoy! It's incidents like the ones you talked about that make people realize how vulnerable we are. Glad you and your sister made it out ok!

Happy Birthday to Amelia! So glad everything turned okay with your car. Once I was riding (not driving, thank goodness) on the interstate and a log rolled off a lumber truck right in front of us. We were close enough that there really wasn't anything we could do to avoid it. It was such a scary feeling when it hit! The front of the car was messed up, but luckily we were right by an exit with a car repair shop and they were able to fix the tires so we could get home. I definitely understand about you feeling lucky! It could have been so much worse.

That would be so frightening! You know, whenever I see big trucks hauling logs or big metal tubes or other round things I wonder if some of those things ever break loose. Now that I know that they can, I don't know if I'll ever be able to follow one again. :) Thank goodness it wasn't more serious damage.

Happy Birthday to Amelia! I can't believe it's been a year already! She is such a cutie, and looks thrilled to be indulging in a little birthday cake :) Glad you're ok after your car incident! I was driving recently and saw someone's tire fall off their car completely and come flying back at me. It was terrifying, and for the next week every time I got in the car I was so nervous!

I can imagine! Every time I drove my car after that it felt like it was so unsafe. Probably because it was missing a bumper. :) But still, something like that really shakes you up. Glad you were okay, too!

I am the same way Nicole - if something bad happens I always think "it could have been worse!" Last week I was delayed by major traffic, and was starting to get pissed when I got close and realized there was a bad accident. I shut the hell up and enjoyed my coffee and listened to the radio and was 20 minutes late for work - no big!

Happy Birthday to your baby girl - it goes by fast, doesn't it?

ok, how freaking cute is Amelia. I can't stand it! So excited to see your finished furniture makeover :) "Before and After"s are my fave!

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