Thursday Thoughts - June 27, 2013

1. No one ever told me that having a kids would mean I will have a cold for the next 18 years. I think I had a cold once a year before Amelia was born. This past month we've been sniffly twice. At least the bonus is extra cuddle time. 

2. This is what the bathroom looked like after getting just two bandaids on some serious crawling road rash on Amelia's toes:

I was rewarded by seeing this less than one minute later:
Bandaids are just too exciting to leave on, I guess. 

3. I'm sure you are all more on the ball than me, but if you use Google Reader, don't forget to switch to another blog reader before July 1. I switched to Bloglovin' and it was incredibly easy. So easy it's embarrassing how long it took me to do it. 

4. Here's a before and during of one the coffee tables I mentioned last week. This was my husband's project and he's pretty proud of the results. By the way, I guess when things are listed at $1 on a classified ad it means, "Make me an offer." Who knew. As you might imagine from the state of the coffee tables, the offer I made was pretty low. :) 

 Hope you all have a great week!

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Ugh, I'm def not looking forward to constantly having a cold when I have kids. I'm such a baby when I get a cold. I've often wondered how you take care of kids when you yourself are sick...not something I'm excited to figure out. Your coffee table came out AWESOME!!! It's so crazy how a little TLC can really turn something from trash to treasure :)

I truly remember having a cold all the time when my kids were young! Thankfully they'd grown out of it by kindergarten. Amelia is just darling, by the way!

Ugh, being constantly sick is one of the things I fear most about having kids. I am such a miserable sick person. Amelia is getting so big, I can't believe it!!

Oh yes. The constant colds. We are sick here from October to April. Well, at least one of us is it seems like. Just wait until the stomach bugs hit. Worst part about having a big family, IMO.

Oh, and I JUST switched to Bloglovin today, so I am WAY WAY behind!

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