Thursday Thoughts - May 30, 2013

Random thoughts for your Thursday:

1. Refinishing furniture is hard. Just thought I'd put that out there. Hopefully there will be before and after pictures of the project from H-E-DoubleHockeySticks next week. If however, there is an abrupt stop to all posting in the near future, know that it was a mid century hutch that killed me. 

2. These refillable squeezy packets are awesome. We've tried a couple and these are the best. They less expensive than most pouches, the hold a lot and they have a tough side zipper that opens really wide so filling them is easier. And they can go in the dishwasher. I'm in love. I just bought a second set on Amazon today. (Note - I'm not endorsed by the EZ Squeeze people. I just really like their product.)

3. This has become my most dreaded place in the house:

Why did diaper changes become a wrestling match? I've tried to explain in logical terms to Amelia why it doesn't work to change a diaper when she is rolling around like a dolphin but she doesn't seem to get it. 

4. Amelia's first birthday is this coming week! I got a zoo animal cake pan that I'm excited to use. I'm still debating between vanilla or chocolate cake. I might make both. 

Have a great week! 

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I refinished our outdoor patio several years ago. It was teak and had to be stained and painted several times - pain in the ass it was, but I was happy with the end project.

Hooray for Baby's first birthday! My daughter just turned 21. For Mother's day she bought me a bottle of Arbor Mist - I didn't have the heart to tell her that Arbor Mist isn't really wine! :D

Happy Birthday to Amelia! time flies. I've never refinished anything and do not plan to anytime soon. The squeezey packets are the coolest thing ever. Why did they not have these when my kids were little??? and oh gosh, enjoy every moment of that little one's life, even the dreaded diaper changes...she will be 21 before you know it...my first turns 21 in September and I don't know where the time went so fast!

I repainted a dresser for Ava's room before she was born. It's a cheap ikea piece of crap that was assembled incorrectly in the first place (bought it used, so I had no control over that). I nearly lost my mind over that project. It was awful. I swear that child will take that dresser to college, if not to her nursing home. I haven't heard of refillable squeeze containers! Must look into this! I like the idea, although I suppose that means I'd have to make my own mixture for the inside. I think that's doable. :) Ava's started to give me a harder time with diaper changes. Need to consider a sedative. :) And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Amelia. I'm dreading Amelia's first birthday a little bit because it means Ava's is coming. When did these kids grow up?!

The white changing table was done by Nicole's husband and mother-in-law. It also has a sordid history -- but I believe it to be worth it - eh, Nicole?

I've wanted to try my hand at refinishing furniture so many times, but I know it would end badly. I just don't have the patience required! Amelia is way too cute, can't believe she's already going to be one :) And I definitely vote for both chocolate and vanilla!

Finally catching up on my blog reading! hehe. Wow, what a great idea to have refillable squeeze pouches. I need to come up with an idea like that...maybe when I have kids.

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