Sponsored Saturday - O&Co.

Occasionally I get opportunities to write sponsored posts about products or services. When I feel like the product might be something that you readers would enjoy, I will pass them along in posts that I will call Sponsored Saturdays. The ultimate goal with these sponsored posts is to be able to do cool giveaways either with the company that is being sponsored or with revenue from the sponsored posts. Keep your eyes peeled in the next couple weeks for the first giveaway. 

Today's sponsored post is from O&Co, a company that specializes in olive oils and other Mediterranean foods. You can check out their website here:

Even if you aren't interested in ordering, they have a recipe section on their website that has some delicious sounding recipes and a page on the history of olive oil that I thought was interesting. If you do find something you like, they have a 16% off coupon to use on their site for the next few days in celebration of their 16th anniversary. 

This sponsorship is brought to you by O&CO. who we have partnered with for this promotion.

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