In case you've noticed a lack of new posts lately, here is the reason:

Little Miss Amelia joined our family on May 31st. It's been a blur of cuteness, lack of sleep, diaper changing and feedings since then and we couldn't be happier. She happens to be the sweetest, cutest baby that ever lived, but we might be slightly biased. We're slowly getting the hang of this new parent thing, and once things settle down a bit I'll share some recipes that I've been cooking up. See you then!

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Congratulations! She is beautiful! 

LOVE the pic on the top right. Check out those eyes! We can't wait to hear stories about Amelia as you continue to blog. She's certain to steal the show, so beware! :) Congrats! :) 

Congratulations, she is absolutely gorgeous!!  Love her little dress :)

Oh my! Nicole! She is amazing! Congrats! And good luck catching up the your sleep.

Oh my goodness, I thought that must be the reason for your absence. Congratulations!!! She is SOOOO adorable, Nicole! And what a cute name too :) Can't wait to hear more about her...

Welcome to the world, little Miss Amelia!!!  Congratulations, Nicole ... she is absolutely adorable.  I was hoping that was the reason for your blogland absence.  Now, go get some sleep!!  :-)

She is beautiful.  Congratulations, and enjoy your time with your new little Miss Amelia.

congrats! she is absolutely adorable! :)

Oh my goodness, she is absolutely edible! What a precious little girl and a blessing to your life! Congratulations to you and your husband!

She is a cutie...and of course, already has a great fashion sense! Hmmm...I wonder why...the Gardner ladies don't like shopping as far as I know... ;) Congratulations, she's precious!

Congratulations - she's beautiful!  So happy for you!

Congratulations, Nicole!  She is absolutely gorgeous!  

She is fantastic.  Better than any old food!  Beautiful name and baby girl.  Congratulations.  Pop over on Friday if you have a minute and check out the flip flops we are giving away.

Wow! It doesn't get any better than that! What a cutie!

Congrats!! She is beautiful and gorgeous!

Hope you're settling in fabulously, Nicole!  Just wanted to let you know that I recognized you as an awesome blogger in my today's post.  Thanks for having such a wonderful blog!!

Congratulations!!  She's beautiful!!

I am so happy for you! She is a doll. It is such a wonderful gift to be a Mom nothing in the world like it. :)

This baby looks more beautiful than all the delicious food in this blog. I am suddenly missing my babies when they were this little. Hope you can post more pictures of your wee darling, Amelia soon.

Awe....HUGE CONGRATS to you Nicole!  She is just beautiful.  I hope that you are doing well and enjoying your new role as mommy!  TBH, I haven't been having much time to devote to blogging this summer either, but my excuse is not as good as yours!  When I saw your post entitled Amelia...I knew I had to pop over and see your new bundle.  Again...congrats!  so very happy for you!  

Ooooh, thank you! I love your blog, too, and I'm excited to get caught up on reading it!

Yea!! Congratulations Nicole! She is so beautiful and I just love the name Amelia! I am pregnant with my first and we are due around Thanksgiving...I am more than anxious! ;)

Oooh,congrats to you two! That is so exciting. Hope your pregnancy goes smoothly!

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