Apple Tarragon Granita

Granitas, where have you been all my life? I can't believe I've lived through so many summers thinking that Fla-Vor-Ice (or Otter Pops, to you Westerners) was the best, light, fruit refreshment my freezer could offer. (Even though the purple flavor makes my throat itch. Does this happen to anyone else?)

I think I had heard of you, though. You sounded so exotic, like something I'd eat in a cafe on a warm summer afternoon in Italy. I assumed you were difficult to make. Isn't that the case with most fancy-sounding foods?

Well, I'm ready to admit that I was wrong. Wrong about everything. You aren't difficult to make at all. If I had known it would just take a few hours of freezing and the occasional fluffing with a fork I would have found you long ago. I just had no idea. Also, you may sound exotic but instead you are comfortingly familiar. You're like a snow cone that tastes like fruit instead of ice chunks. You're light and refreshing and so very versatile. I love that fresh herbs work so well to give you such wonderful flavor. I'm truly sorry I had to spend so long eating Fla-Vor-Ices until I found you. I'm completely devoted to you from now on. 

Apple Tarragon Granita

3 cups no-sugar added apple juice
1/2 cup sugar
2 T coarsely chopped fresh tarragon (this is the amount I used, but I'd coarsely chop, measure it, and then either finely chop it after or put it in a blender. Big pieces of tarragon just taste too strong when you are eating it.)
4 tsp lemon juice

In an 8 inch square dish, combine all ingredients until sugar is dissolved. Freeze 1-2 hours and stir with a fork. Freeze 2-3 hours longer, stirring with a fork occasionally. (Once it is mostly frozen it's more like fluffing with a fork than stirring.) Stir with a fork before serving.

Recipe Source: Taste of Home Healthy Cooking

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