Rob's Peanut Patties

My younger sister was the first to be married in my family, and although there are two of us siblings who are older than her and should have been annoyed that she was getting married before us, neither of us were annoyed at all because her husband was just so awesome. My sister and I were living together halfway across the country from the rest of our family when she met her husband and got married, and it wasn't long before his family started inviting me along to all their family holiday events. I always say that when their son got married they not only gained a daughter, but they got two. It was nice for me to feel like I had family around and to join in on their family traditions, and they were always so welcoming and fun. One of those family traditions that my sister and I fell in love with was making peanut patties. Neither of us had heard of them before, and I'm not sure where they originated from. My brother-in-law's grandma on his dad's side used to make them, and it was his aunt that showed us how to make them on his request. They are little pieces of yellow cake that are dipped in a sugar glaze and rolled in chopped peanuts. The end result is just plain delicious. The nuts and the sugar glaze are a great sweet/salty/crunchy layer of goodness and the cake inside is the perfect treat to support such a delicious topping. Like a lot of family recipes, this one didn't have exact amounts written down so I had to wait until I was back together with my sister this week to make these treats again and get some measurements down so I could share them.

To start out with, you need to bake a plain yellow or white cake into either small cupcakes or a sheet cake. You will need to cut the sheet cake into squares, which is traditionally how it was made. More recently the family started using cupcake pans, and my sister even found some square cupcake pans that work great. Let the cake cool completely.

Next, make the glaze, and place it in a large bowl. Chop the Spanish peanuts in a food processor until most pieces are fine. (About 25 pulses.) Place the peanuts in a large bowl.

Dip each cake piece in the glaze, and allow the excess glaze to drip off.

Drop the glazed cake piece in the chopped peanuts and coat with peanuts.

Let harden on a cookie tray or cooling rack for 15 minutes. Place in the refrigerator to let glaze harden completely.

Rob's Peanut Patties


1 cake mix (yellow or white)
4 cups Spanish peanuts, chopped
2 sticks butter
3 cups powdered sugar
6-7 T milk
2 tsp vanilla


1. Make cake mix according to box directions into either 30+ small cupcakes or one sheet cake. Cool completely and cut sheet cake into 2"x2"squares if using.

2. Melt butter and whisk in powdered sugar. Add vanilla and milk, adjusting the amount of milk until the glaze is thick enough to stay on the cake pieces, but thin enough that the excess will run off.

3. Dip each piece of cake in the glaze, allow to drain and drop in chopped peanuts. Cover with peanuts and set aside. Repeat with remaining cake pieces.

4. Let peanut patties harden in refrigerate for at least an hour before serving. Store in the refrigerator or freezer.

Recipe Source: Thank you, Rob

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