Wilton Frosting (Best Frosting on Earth)

Everytime I go to some social event with cupcakes, cookies, or cakes in hand I'm always asked where I bought them from. Well for those of you who know me would know that I rarely buy things from the store when baking. For me baking is something you do from scratch using your own ingredients and therefore you control the amount and quality/quantity that you are putting into your yummy treats. BUT I'm here to tell you that there is one HUGE exception to my rule and it's the frosting. I do not make it because I found a heavenly frosting that not only tastes soooo wonderful, but has the perfect consistency to pipe or decorate or do whatever you'd like to do. It's Wilton Buttercream Icing Mix and you can buy it at your nearest Walmart. They don't carry it at Cub or Target or Rainbow (well here in the midwest anyway, they might in other parts of the U.S.) so everytime you shop your friendly Walmart I would highly recommend you pick a box up. And it's fail safe--you just add milk and butter (or margarine, or shortening). That's it. And everytime you take them anywhere people will think you are a master baker. At which point you'll of course let them in on this invaulable secret! ;o) By the way, this isn't a shameless plug for Wilton, although man would I love to visit the Wilton Factory one day!!!

***Next week I'm making some Halloween cupcakes so I'll have actual pictures of the finished product.

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I would have never thought of putting bread on my waffle iron---GENIUS!!!

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